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  • Duration 12 Weeks
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  • LanguageEnglish
Best English Langauge Learning for Kids

English Learning Program for Kids

There are various programs to cater to school children as per their potential and requirements. Every Child is Unique. Also child is like a clean slate and a perfect place to start Language training with.

We have Various Programs to enhance their grammar, vocabulary and Speaking skills. Listening skills and Comprehensive skills are also taken care of. Sentence structure and fluency of Language is emphasised in all the programs. a lot of Public Speaking activities like JAMS, GDS, roleplays, theatre and other speech drills are done, so that stage fear and hesitation are taken care of too.

This all is done under the supervision and guidance of a trained trainer who encourages the children to learn while having fun.

What’s the perfect age to start Café Converse online English Program for Kids?

Children as young as 3 to 4 years old can start Café Convers learning English online. Many parents may believe a child should go for English class at a later stage of school because at young age they may not able to cope up or understand the classes. YOU ARE WRONG! The ideal stage of strengthening the foundation of English language is when they are young.

Yes! kids are at a perfect age to start acquiring the basics skills to master a new language. During this time, learning comes naturally.

Another good point to keep in mind is that children this age don’t require extensive previous knowledge to start the classes. So, if your child hasn’t had English classes before don’t worry our language teachers are trained and experienced to engage kids, to teach them effectively and most important to make the classes fun.

Some of the Prime Benefits for Kids when they enrol for Café Converse language program for kids

• Fun and engaging: for younger children, learning while having fun makes things so much easier. At a young age, they can experiment learning through games, songs, stories, or crafts. There is a myriad of resources that can be used to make online classes fun and stimulating, this way, the little ones will always be eager for the next class..

• Access everywhere, anytime: usually, regular learning academies have specific schedules. Online classes give parents the possibility of scheduling the classes at the best time for them, and these are usually accessible from any part of the world just with the use of an internet connection.

• Improvement of communication skills: the main idea of having online classes is to interact with teachers by talking and listening. When having a class with a native English teacher, children will be more likely to pay attention to what the teacher is saying. This will boost his or her listening skills in the foreign language, and will also be a great aid for improving the child’s speaking skills, since he or she will get to learn a native accent from the start, including particular phonics of the language.

• Safe environment: going to an academy is not always easy, especially if your child is shy, or if it’s too young. Having online classes makes it easier for parents to be aware of their child’s safety during the lessons, as they can be monitored throughout the duration of the class.

Best English Langauge Learning for Kids

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